White or Cream Sauce Recipes

Cream Cheese Sauce Recipes

Cream Cheese Sauce Recipes

Sometimes it's the sauce that really makes the meal, and cream cheese can be used as a very delicious and versatile sauce base. Its mild and creamy flavor is pleasing on its own, but it also works well with sweet… Keep reading »
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While many people shy away from making cream sauces because they believe them to be difficult to execute, these sauces are relatively simple if you understand the basic techniques behind cooking them. Most white and other cream sauces are variations on béchamel, which starts with a roux. When you want to find a terrific white sauce recipe, LoveToKnow Cooking can be your go-to resource.

White Sauce Variations

With so many ways to make white sauce, there are always new variations and cooking techniques to learn. A few examples of what you'll find in this category include:

  • White sauce favorites: Discover how to make traditional white sauce, as well as supreme sauce, bread sauce, and veloute sauce.
  • Colorful variations: Cream sauces don't have to be white; try your hand and brown sauce and green (and super-spicy!) Poblano cream sauce.
  • Veggie sauces: Delicious celery and cauliflower sauces are both perfect options for cooks looking for ways to "sneak" disguised vegetables into their family's diet.
  • Dessert sauce: Learn how to give any dessert an extra bit of sweetness by adding a drizzle of homemade sweet cream sauce.

Sauce-Based Dishes

In addition to sauce-only recipes, you'll also find a few creative dishes tucked away in this category. For example:

  • Breakfast delight: Find out how to make eggs and bacon with cream sauce, a perfect breakfast or brunch selection.
  • Perfect poultry: Discover how to make chicken in white sauce and codfish in cream sauce.
  • Elegant pasta: Discover how to take a tried-and-true favorite to a new level with this macaroni with cream sauce recipe.

Become a Sauce Expert

There's no reason to be intimidated by the thought of creating homemade sauce. With the wide variety of easy-to-follow recipes available on LoveToKnow Cooking you can master the art of simmering sauce - from simple concoctions to elegant alla panna sauce - quickly and easily in your own kitchen!

White or Cream Sauce Recipes