Types of Food

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Understand the history of baking in America by learning about colonial baking. Without the use of ovens or modern ingredients, baking during colonial times was far different than it is today. Even so, colonial… Keep reading »

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Cuisine of different countries

There are so many types of food ranging from spicy ethnic food to down-home favorites. The options are endless, even within a particular recipe or type of food. Learning about different kinds of foods gives you the chance to add excitement to your diet staples.

Experimenting With Cooking Techniques

As cultures develop, so do the tools and techniques used in cooking.

  • Explore the art of colonial baking using fires and dutch ovens as a way to connect with your historical roots.
  • Learn different methods for cooking the same ingredient, such as how to cook lentils in two ways, to find your favorite way to eat something.
  • Teach your kids to experiment safely and creatively using Easy Bake Oven food ideas that go beyond the packets you buy for them.

Trying Different Types of Food

Trying foods from different regions of the world or different cooking styles can make cooking and eating more adventurous. If you're hesitant to try new things, check out the ingredients for each recipe then try out the ones that feature flavors you already know you like.

Spanish Style Foods

Many Spanish and Hispanic recipes use lots of cheese and flavorful vegetables.

Italian Style Foods

When you think of Italian food, two things probably come to mind - pizza and pasta.

  • Learning Italian food history shows you which dishes, like cannolis and pesto, are traditionally Italian.
  • Make your own classic Italian recipes such as homemade marinara sauce and caprese salad.
  • Whip up an Italian dessert called walnut and ricotta cake to wow dinner guests.

Asian Style Foods

From China and Japan to Korea and Vietnam, Asian style foods are often simple and clean.

Get Creative With Food

Once you understand what differentiates the various types of foods and cuisines, you can start to customize all your meals. Follow the recipes step-by-step or blend in your favorite ingredients and make these recipes your own.

Types of Food