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Turnips are one of those vegetables that are either loved or hated. If you were forced to eat turnips as a child and avoid them today, you might want to try them once again. Turnips are not only eaten for the large root, but for the above-ground leaves or greens. You can use the greens as you would kale or spinach. Greens make delicious salads and can also be flavored with bacon, onion or vinegar and eaten as a side dish.

Healthy Turnip Recipes

The turnip root is full of vitamin C, usually associated with citruses. Turnip juice has more of this vitamin than an equivalent amount of orange juice. Turnip greens are a source of significant amounts of vitamin A and vitamin K, both considered powerful antioxidants offering some protection against developing cancer.

Consider using turnips as part of a healthy salad or soup. Turnips are versatile and can be used in almost any recipe that you can imagine.

Cooking Considerations

There are many recipes for turnips that produce a cooked texture similar to carrots, but a distinctive tangy taste. Turnips are at their best in rich, meaty stews with strongly flavored meat such as beef or oxtail. As a side dish, pair them with mild veggies such as potatoes.

The easiest turnip recipes are the ones that use the vegetable raw. Wash and peel, then slice thinly to eat with or without a dip.

Because they are low in calories, turnips can take the place of starchier vegetables, such as potatoes. Mashed turnips make a great low calorie alternative that is sure to please a crowd. Turnips can also be fried and used as a tasty side dish to any meat.

Another way to enjoy turnips is to roast them as you would any other root vegetable. Lightly toss them with olive oil, add some salt and pepper and you are sure to have a side dish that is as tasty as it is healthy.

Tune in to Turnips

Even if turnips were once crossed off your list of foods to cook, you may want to tune in to some new and delicious recipes. You're bound to find a way to eat them that appeals to your taste buds.

Turnip Recipes