Top Recipes for Kids' Birthdays

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Planning a child's birthday party can be a lot of fun, but it can easily turn into a chore. The key is to start planning early enough so you can try out new recipes or perfect old ones that kids will love. Keep in mind the age of the children who will be at the party, any theme that your child wants to have, and how much of a mess you are willing to clean up after the party when planning your menu.

Best Birthday Recipe Ideas for Kids

The best recipes for kids parties are ones that include childhood favorites, like cookies and cupcakes, with some that parents can also enjoy, like fruit smoothies and veggie platters. These fun recipes and ideas are sure to please everyone at any child's birthday party.

Healthy Snacks

The beginning of most kid parties are crazy. Everyone is saying "hi" and checking out the games, so make their snacks or appetizers something that's easy to move around with. Healthy snacks like veggies, wrap slices, and trail mix, are great options that kids can just grab a handful of and keep going.

No Bake Cookies

Instead of making a craft or playing another round of pin-the-tail, a no bake cookie recipe keeps the kids busy and it gives them something to take home. Have them make these cookies at the beginning of the party and chill them until it's time to leave. Since there's no baking involved, you won't have to supervise too closely.

Berry Banana Smoothie

A fruit smoothie bar, with various berries and fruits, is a great way to keep kids satisfied and busy during a party. Set out a few bowls with different berries so everyone can make their own concoction. It's also a great way to get kids to try different types of fruit.

Layered Taco Dip

Most kids love to eat tacos. The fun colors, the cheese, and the tortilla chips make this a great idea, although it can be a bit messy with all those little hands. The taco salad appetizer dip can be served with the rest of the meal at the party.

Finger Food Buffets

Forget trying to please everyone with one standard dish, as many kids are too picky. Instead, put out several easy-to-eat finger foods that kids enjoy, such as Quesadilla wedges, chicken fingers, and vegetable kabobs.

Pepperoni Pizza

You may be tired of it, but the kids never are, making pepperoni pizza a safe bet for any party. Pepperoni is a classic kid-pleaser, but you can try other toppings, like mushrooms, sausage, and extra cheese, on other slices.

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes

The cake is usually the only food that the birthday child is concerned about. A homemade birthday cake is a great chance to get creative and add extra flavors and decorations.

Instead of serving a fully decorated cake, consider making cupcakes instead. Set out a few bowls with different colored frosting and sprinkles so everyone can make their own. One of the best things about serving cupcakes at a birthday party is that there's no messy cutting and no one complains about not getting an end piece.

Party Food Tips

Once you've decided what to serve, the fun can start. Follow these tips for even more food fun at the birthday party:

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  • You may be tempted to plan the food around the theme of the party, but an easier way is to work the theme into the dishes. Having a superhero party? Put out small signs letting guests know that you are serving "Powerful Pizza" or "Super Smoothies." A princess theme? Try "Royal Wraps" and "Queenie Cupcakes."
  • If the party is for younger children, the parents may be attending as well. Make sure you account for the grown-ups when deciding how much food to have.
  • Before making any decisions about what to serve, find out if any of the kids attending the party have food allergies or dietary considerations. You don't want to send anyone home early with an allergy attack when you break out the peanut butter.
  • Once you have the party planned, don't forget to ask for help. Moms and dads who are staying at the party are often happy to have a job to do instead of just sitting around watching the kids. They'll feel useful and you'll have a little less stress.

Birthday Party Food Fun

The food at the birthday party is only as fun as you make it. By choosing items kids are sure to enjoy, and can even help make, you're sure to have happy and full bellies once the festivities end.

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