Steak Toppings

Herb Butters as Steak Toppings

Well-chosen steak toppings can turn a piece of meat into an experience. From the simple to the sublime, there are a variety of available toppings.

Herb butters, made with rosemary, dill, garlic, or parsely, are simple, tasty options.

Cheese Sauce

For a rich, hearty taste, top steak with a creamy blue cheese sauce.


Flank steak takes a turn towards gourmet when it's rolled with fresh spinach and blue cheese.

Taste of Hawaii

Grilled pineapple slices give steak a tropical flair.

Steak and Salmon

Take surf and turf to extremes! Top a thick filet with salmon salad.

Classic Surf and Turf

Shrimp is a classic topping for steak. Any variety of shrimp will do, including boiled, grilled, blackened, or scampi.

Mushrooms and Steak

Mushrooms, whether sauteed in butter or cooked with wine, are a delicious topping for all cuts of steak.

Spicy Steak

Give steak an unexpected kick with a salsa topping. Classic tomatoes and onion salsa is appropriate as is a mango salsa.

Simple Steak Toppings

If you are looking for a simple addition to your steak, try a sprig of rosemary or dill.

Elegant Steak and Truffles

Take your mushrooms and steak up a notch: use truffles! Sure, they're pricey, but the taste is just as rich.

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Steak Toppings