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About Steak

Steak recipes create a classic American meal that is often accompanied by potatoes and vegetables. The meat can be prepared in a variety of different ways or combined with other foods as part of salads, wraps, burritos, and more. Beef steaks are often combined with shrimp, lobster, or other seafood for a "surf & turf" meal or for a seafood steak, large cuts of fish can be cut as steaks.

Types of Steak

There are many different types of steak depending on where the cut was made, how tender the meat is, and how thick it may be. Hindquarter cuts are typically more tender, including rib, loin, and sirloin, and they are also the most expensive cuts. All varieties are generally less than two inches thick - thicker beef cuts are used as roasts. Specific cuts include filet mignon, flank, flat iron steak, skirt, strip steak, porterhouse, rump, round, rib eye, chuck, hanger, t-bone steak, and sirloin. With these different cuts, many different steak recipes can be created and leftover steak can be chopped and used for additional dishes such as salads, burritos, tacos, and omelettes.

Some terms normally associated with the word "steak" aren't really steak at all. Swiss steak is a method of preparation (braising) rather than a cut of meat, cube steak is a tenderized cut, and a salisbury steak is actually a ground beef patty mixed with seasonings.

Tips for Steak Recipes

Steak recipes can be prepared a number of ways, including grilling, broiling, frying, or baking. Regardless of the preparation method, the outer surface of the meat should reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure safety (the inside may be rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done depending on individual preferences). For juicy, delicious meat, consider the following tips:

  • Do not slice the meat too thin or it will dry out quickly when cooked.
  • To prevent overcooking, bring the meat to room temperature just before cooking.
  • Use high heat to sear the outside of the meat quickly without overcooking the interior.
  • After cooking, let the meat rest for several minutes to preserve the juices.
  • Use a steak marinade or seasoned rub to infuse the meat with additional flavor before cooking.

Make Steak a Meal

Because beef is fairly bland by itself, steak can easily be combined with a number of other flavors for a tasty meal. Consider the following side dishes and steak toppings:

  • Mushrooms
  • Grilled onions
  • Corn, beans, or other vegetables
  • Roasted or broiled potatoes
  • Fries, including thick cut steak fries
  • Salsas
  • Cream wine sauces
  • Bacon wrappings

From classic grilled steaks such as a tender prime rib to comfort food such as chicken fried steak to elaborate gourmet steak recipes such as chateaubriand, this delectable cut of beef is a fine meal for any occasion and can be a delicious dinner experience.


Steak Recipes