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Good Ham Bean Soup

Good Ham Bean Soup

Good ham and bean soup can be an economical use of leftover ham or a tasty way to utilize ham hocks. Keep reading »

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Soup Recipes

Dinner Is in the Pot

If only we knew what grandma's secret ingredient was in her soup recipe. There's something extremely satisfying about a hot, bubbling pot of soup on the stove on a cold winter's night. Soup makes a wonderful meal, and once you make a pot or two, you'll discover it isn't really that hard to make.Soup recipes are usually stock or broth-based, like chicken noodle soup, or they can be creamy, like creamy mushroom soup. Both take basically the same preparation. First sauté vegetables in oil or butter, stir in flour or cornstarch as a thickener (this makes a roux), then add stock or milk, and the remaining ingredients, and simmer to allow the soup to thicken and the flavors to blend. All soup recipes are based on this simple preparation, and once you make your own homemade soups, canned will never taste the same.

Soups can serve as a main dish when they are hearty and filled with meats and vegetables. Or, they can serve as an appetizer or first course when they are rich and satisfying. They can be elegant, or they can be homey, ethnic or traditional, but they belong in every kitchen sooner or later.

Cream Soup Recipes

A cream soup can be a truly delectable dish that appeals to many, and stands apart from its clear broth compatriots. While the defining characteristic of a creamed soup is its smooth, velvety texture, there are actually many variations. Light soups may be very liquid, while heavier versions are thickened. Tastes may be gentle or robust and soups may be sweet, savory, hot, or cold. Though the cream soup recipe appears uniform and consistent, it may actually have a blend of delicious flavors to delight the palate, further enhanced by assorted toppings. Some common creamed soup recipe flavors include:

  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • Chicken
  • Mushroom
  • Pea

Soup is a healthy, nutritious entree, side dish, or appetizer, but cooks must take care with creamed recipes. Creamed soups often have a higher fat content than traditional soups because of the dairy products used for the smooth consistency. Lower fat alternatives can help preserve the nutritional value. Because cream soup recipes lack the chunks of ingredients common to most soup recipes, they are easily digestible and suitable for many individuals with different dietary needs.

Handy Tips for Soup Recipes

  • Don't boil soup too much. It will lose color and flavor if overcooked.
  • You can use cheaper cuts of meat, because simmering them for several hours helps make the meat tender.
  • Use a handheld stick blender to blend soups to a creamy consistency without adding a lot of milk or cream.
  • Make a double batch of your family's favorite soup recipe and freeze one batch for a quick meal when you're running low on time.
  • Don't add pastas too early; they will overcook and become mushy.


Soup Recipes