8 Weird but Delicious Food Pairings

Unlikely Compatible Food Duos


You know those couples who make you go, "I bet they met online"? But after spending time with them, it's clear why their relationships work so well. Well, here's their food equivalent. These weird pairs didn't meet online, but when they meet on your taste buds, you'll get why they belong together.

Coffee + Avocado = Splendid Blend


Coffee seems lonely with nothing to accompany it. No wonder it's so bitter. Almond and soy milk lack substance, and half-n-half can be a bit heavy going down. But avocado... now there's an idea. It's one of the healthiest fats which makes it a perfect companion with coffee. Try avocado blended with coffee in the morning. This coffee avocado milkshake, blended cold with dairy, is also a decadent indulgence.

PB + Onion = Scrumptuous Lunch

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PB and... O? O for onion. Yes! It's a scrumptious complementary couple in a down south peanut butter and onion sandwich. The onion lends its crunch and strong bite to the smooth stickiness of peanut butter making it go so well together like, well, PB&J.

Not into raw onion? Caramelize them! Like in this delicious peanut butter and bacon sandwich with fontina cheese and carmelized onions recipe. They contribute sweetness without losing their oniony flavor identity.

Apples + Salt & Pepper = Fulfilling Snack

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Ah, apples. The thing that proverbial doctor advises eating one a day of. So crunchy and sweet... but sometimes it's like something is missing. It's the saltiness & savory void. That's where ground salt and pepper step in. Problem solved.

Together they make a light snack with ground black or cayenne pepper, like these apple matchsticks. The combination also works well in baked side dishes like an apple potato bake.

White Chocolate + Rosemary = Festivity


White chocolate is the color of holiday snow. Rosemary looks is like a tiny Christmas tree. Stir rosemary leaves into melted white chococlate for yummy white chocolate-rosemary bark. It's like a handful of pine needles fell into a vat of sweet, creamy snow and you get to eat it! This merry marriage also works in other sweets, like rosemary, almond, and white chocolate chip cookies. Yule simply love it, whether or not 'tis the season.

Pumpkin Puree + Pizza = Power Food


It's as if pumpkin puree has been waiting in the wings to take tomato's place as pizza's sauce. Pumpkin is a power food. It's the same consistency, but a less acidic, more neutral foundation for the toppings. You get to control how salty, spicy, sweet, or sour the pie will taste. The flavor is in your grip with these power food pals for vegetarians in The Best Pumpkin Pizza Recipe and for meat eaters in this pumpkin sauce pizza with caramelized onions, bacon & sage recipe.

Garlic + Pear = Pair Extraordinaire


Often with married couples, one partner is the sharp one, the other is sweet and mild. That's like garlic and pear. When tossed together, like in a pear and blue cheese salad, their individual and combined flavors will alternate with every bite, creating a spontaneous food adventure. Caramelized together, they make an outstanding pear and garlic chutney or sauce that goes well with white meats like turkey or pork.

Ice Cream + Vinegar = Intrigue


Sometimes ice cream gets a sweetness overload with fudge sauce and all the standard candy add-ons. Too much of a good thing. Left to itself, vinegar is sour and stringent, and at times, overbearing.

Drizzle balsamic vinegar on ice cream, and it tones down the sweetness. Vinegar loses the lip-tightening "yikes!", exuding a pleasant zest. Escalate the enjoyment with an incredibly unique combination, like this Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar from Family Spice. Other vinegar varieties work, too. Even in savory ice creams like the sherry vinegar-infused salt-frozen parmesan ice cream with tomato marmalade and basil gremolata. Experiment and have a ball!

Cheddar + Pumpkin = Creamy Dream

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Cheddar and pumpkin were okay alone, but together, they add so much to each other's lives (and yummy tastes). Pumpkin puree adds smoothness to melted cheddar's otherwise clumpy existence. Cheddar brings, well, cheesiness to pumpkin's mild flavor. The sharper the cheddar the better the cheddar! Together, they're you're ultimate comfort food in this Cheddar Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, or this Cheddar Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes. It's not just a pair for fall, but it's a pair you'll fall in love with.

If you're a hardcore food lover, you'll feel like all eight of these weirdly matched couplings are wining and dining on your palette! Remember, it was you who brought them together in wedded bliss. Metaphorically speaking.

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8 Weird but Delicious Food Pairings