Luncheon Menu Ideas

luncheon menu ideas

What luncheon menu ideas you use really depends on what kind of luncheon you are planning on throwing. From Bridal party to baby shower the menu ideas are endless.

Menu Ideas for Your Next Luncheon

A luncheon is more than just lunch or brunch and it's a bit more dress up but not as prim as a formal dinner. Luncheons are usually held when the occasion is special and is meant to be memorable. Like with any party the date, weather and size of the party will help you determine your menu. Another factor will be whether you want to have a sit down affair or a buffet. Most luncheon menus will consist of an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert and a drink that is either particular to the menu or chosen because it is seasonal.

Southern-Style Luncheon Menu

For example some luncheon menu ideas for a southern themed luncheon might be:

  • Oysters Rockefeller as the appetizer
  • barbecue chicken as the entree
  • Broccoli Casserole as the side dish
  • Red Velvet Cake as the dessert
  • Serve with Mint juleps or Mojitos

More Formal Luncheon Menu

For a more formal setting you might consider:

  • Grilled Salmon Satay or Tea sandwiches as the appetizer
  • Duck or Lamb as the entrée
  • Frogs legs and mushrooms for the side dish
  • Individual chocolate and polenta tarts for dessert
  • And of course nothing but a Classic Champagne Cocktail could add the special sparkle to the day.

Al Fresco Luncheon Menu

Summertime is a great time to have an out-door luncheon. Some starter ideas for a luncheon al fresco would be:

  • Salmon on toast as the appetizer
  • Smoked pork crown roast as the entrée
  • Macaroni salad, potato salad, or possibly even mashed potatoes could go well here
  • A light dessert would be the best and although an ice cream cake would be a good idea it might melt if the weather is warm you might want to try a creamy ricotta cheesecake instead.
  • In warm weather a gin and tonic is always welcome.

Plan a Winning Luncheon

With a little planning, pulling together a winning luncheon is just a matter of writing down as many menu ideas that you can think of and then deciding which dishes suit your needs best.

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Luncheon Menu Ideas