Lamb Recipes

lamb recipes

Known for having a delicate texture while still being extremely flavorful, lamb recipes are commonly consumed in parts of India, North Africa, and the Middle East, and is the most prevalent livestock world over. Unfortunately, lamb is not nearly as popular in America, where it is considered a special-occasion or restaurant food rather than an everyday food. Because it is nutritionally similar to beef, it is an excellent item to experiment with if you are looking to add some variety and excitement in your diet. However, do not fall into the trap of considering it a beef substitute since the flavor is different. Instead, you can learn to love lamb for its unique qualities, its ability to pair well with strong flavors, and the fact that sampling new lamb recipes will allow you to taste flavor combinations from all over the world.

Tender Lamb Recipes

Because lamb is very tender (since it comes from a young animal), it is often served rare or medium rare. Many food connoisseurs believe that cooking it to well-done ruins its best qualities, however, there are some important exceptions you'll find in the lamb recipes at LovetoKnow. Braised lamb (cooked in simmering liquid for a long period of time) can be wonderful, and cuts from the neck, shoulder, chest, and shank are at their best when cooked using this method. Roasting, grilling, and broiling serve other cuts well, creating a flavorful browned outside while allowing for a juicy interior. This meat is delicious when flavored with garlic, lemon, or rosemary, and pairs well with bold red wines like Shiraz (Syrah) and Zinfandel.

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Lamb Recipes