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Article Highlight: Hanukkah Dinner Recipe Ideas for a Complete Holiday Menu

Hanukkah is known for menorahs, gifts, dreidels, and latkes, but what should one eat when sitting down to celebrate the Jewish holiday with friends and family? Try these recipes to make this year's Hanukkah dinners… Keep reading »

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Holiday dinner

Delicious holiday recipes are an integral part of many celebrations. Sharing a meal can be a comforting event, allowing family and friends to reconnect and share far more than a simple dish. Whether it's a classic side dish, amazing entree, or a tantalizing dessert, a holiday recipe often becomes an eagerly anticipated treat, typically prepared only on special occasions.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate what you're most grateful for with friends and family. Thanksgiving dinner tends to be looked forward to days in advanced because of its rich and delicious dishes. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and a lot of little ones will be coming, it may be a good idea to make or buy some kid-friendly foods to have just in case. With any leftovers, you can make tons of yummy dishes to enjoy for a few days after the holiday.

Classic Dishes

Traditionally a turkey, along with cranberries, stuffing, and a side of veggies and bread are served. Thanksgiving desserts are often everyone's favorite part of the meal. Delicious pumpkin desserts like pies, cookies, and muffins are often made because of their seasonal abundance.

Thanksgiving dinner

Christmas and Hanukkah Recipes

Christmas and Hanukkah are wonderful family centered celebrations that both have tons of delicious recipes to create. Brisket, latkes, challah, and kugel typically all make an appearance on the Hanukkah menu. Ham, lamb chops, chicken, and beef may all be served for a hearty Christmas dinner, as well as potatoes, roasted veggies, and seasonal drinks. Decorating sugar cookies can be seen at both Hanukah and Christmas celebrations and make for a great activity for children after dinner.

Fresh homemade pan-fried potato pancakes latkes

More Special Holiday Recipes

While most people think of the winter holidays when it comes to food, there are many other times of the year when you'll need an appropriate dish from Halloween to Valentine's Day.

Easter Options

Easter means ham for many families. However, don't forget to make side dishes to complement your main menu, like glazed carrots, rolls, and beans. Fun Easter recipes can also be themed, from a breakfast bird's nest to a basket cake to finish off the meal.

Treats for Mother and Father's Day

Mother's Day and Father's Day don't tend to have traditional meals associated with them, but you can still create amazing recipes and start your own holiday customs. Think about your mom or dad's favorite mealtime and try to plan something special for them. You can create menus for both mother's day and father's day that include their favorite foods and incorporate them into breakfast or dinner. You can also make snacks and desserts that are simple, but you know they will love and appreciate.

Heart-shaped cherry cake with name tag and flowers on tray

Patriotic Holidays

Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day are all holidays that mean red, white, and blue for families. Theme everything from the main dish to the sides with those colors. Add easy patriotic recipes to your menu for side dishes like flag yogurt and dessert like colorful striped cookies.

Woman cuts a berry pie in the form of an American flag

Finding the Perfect Recipe

Whether it's a classic roasted turkey on Thanksgiving or a glazed ham on Easter, sugar cookies for Christmas, Hanukkah dinner recipes, or homemade birthday cakes, holiday recipes are a treasured part of many seasonal celebrations. With careful planning, not one holiday treat needs to be neglected no matter how busy the schedule.

Holiday Recipes