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Holiday dinner

From New Year's parties to Fourth of July picnics to Christmas dinners, holiday recipes are an integral part of celebrations. Many holiday recipes are passed down from generation to generation as families prepare and enjoy traditional dishes. Sharing a meal is a relaxed and comforting event, allowing family and friends to reconnect and share far more than a simple dish, regardless of the recipe. Whether it's a classic side dish, a rich entrée, or a tantalizing dessert, a holiday recipe often becomes an eagerly anticipated treat, typically prepared only on special occasions. For many people, the smell or taste of these traditional morsels brings back treasured holiday memories and guarantees many memorable holiday seasons.

Holiday Recipe Tips

While many holiday recipes are unspoken requirements for holiday celebrations, they can also be difficult to prepare in the midst of other arrangements such as travel, decorating, shopping, and general merrymaking. To continue holiday recipe traditions without undue stress, try these holiday recipe tips:

  • For family gatherings, arrange a potluck approach, allowing different family members to prepare their traditional favorites to share rather than have a single person prepare every recipe.
  • Plan which holiday recipes may be prepared in advance and stored without detriment. Iced cookies, for example, can often be kept for quite some time prior to icing, and fudge recipes typically freeze well.
  • Search for suitable shortcuts where available. Using pre-sliced vegetables, for example, may save significant time during preparation, or using frozen dough for breads and pies rather than preparing it from scratch can alleviate a crowded schedule.
  • Consider preparing only one or two traditional holiday recipes rather than every one, and rotate recipes on different years so that no treat is entirely forgotten.

Whether it's a classic roasted turkey on Thanksgiving or a glazed ham on Easter, sugar cookies for Christmas or homemade birthday cakes, holiday recipes are a treasured part of many seasonal celebrations. With careful planning, not one holiday treat needs to be neglected no matter how busy the schedule. Eager cooks continually develop new holiday recipes, and as new traditions are carried year after year, holiday meals become even more delicious.

Holiday Recipes