Herbs to Complement Eggs

Herb omelet

Eggs have a lovely flavor that is easily enhanced by certain herbs. The herbs you choose depend largely upon the egg recipe. Using the right herbs allows you to take your egg dishes to the next level.


Use fresh or dried thyme in omelets, frittatas, and scrambled eggs. Thyme works well with eggs in which you incorporate root vegetables, such as potatoes or onions, as well as with mushrooms.

  • Dried thyme: Whisk it into the eggs before cooking, or saute it with mushrooms as an omelet filling or frittata topping. You can also use it in the egg mixture in dishes such as quiche or strata.
  • Fresh thyme: Use as you would dried thyme. You need about twice as much fresh thyme as you do dried thyme to get equal flavor.


Garlic works in either fresh or garlic powder.

  • Fresh garlic: Saute with fillings or toppings for omelets and frittatas.
  • Garlic powder: Whisk into the eggs before cooking them in scrambled eggs, strata, quiche, and similar egg dishes.


Always use fresh chopped chives, because dried chives lack the same flavor you get from fresh. To use chives:

  • Whisk them into the eggs before cooking.
  • Sprinkle them on top of the omelet, frittata, scrambled egg, or fried egg.
  • Sprinkle them on top of the filling for an omelet or topping for a frittata.
  • Mix them in with deviled egg filling.


Always use fresh basil, because dried basil lacks flavor. To use the basil, tear it or chop it, and keep it in as close to uncooked condition as you can.

  • Sprinkle it on top of omelets, frittatas, and scrambled eggs.
  • Sprinkle it on the filling/topping of an omelet or frittata before cooking.


You can use either dried oregano or fresh. If you use fresh, chop the leaves into a fine dice. Oregano works well with eggs that have other Italian flavors, such as tomatoes and garlic.

  • Sprinkle dried oregano into the egg mixture before cooking scrambled eggs, omelets, or frittatas.
  • Saute dried or fresh oregano with vegetables such as bell peppers and shallots to make a filling for an omelet or a topping for a frittata.
  • Sprinkle fresh oregano on top of a finished omelet as a garnish.

Scallions (Green Onions)

Always use fresh scallions, and use both the green and white parts of the scallion.

  • Saute as part of a filling or topping for an omelet or frittata.
  • Saute with scrambled eggs.
  • Sprinkle fried eggs with thinly sliced scallions.


Fennel is delicious with eggs and sausage, because many sausages contain fennel seed. For best flavor, use fresh fennel. When cooking with fennel, you can use two parts: the fronds and the bulb.

  • Saute the bulb with other vegetables for a filling or topping for a frittata, omelet, quiche, or strata.
  • Sprinkle chopped fresh fennel fronds on top of the cooked omelet, frittata, fried egg, or scrambled eggs as a garnish or topping.
  • Mix chopped fennel fronds in with the yolks in deviled eggs.


Tarragon has a delicate anise-type flavor that goes very well with poached egg dishes, such as Eggs Benedict. You can use either fresh or dried tarragon.

  • Whisk a little dried tarragon in while making hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict.
  • Sprinkle poached eggs with chopped, fresh tarragon.


Cilantro goes well with eggs when you are making a Latin-American inspired egg dish, such as huevos Rancheros. Always use fresh, chopped cilantro.

  • Garnish huevos rancheros with chopped fresh cilantro.
  • Garnish a Mexican omelet or frittata with chopped fresh cilantro.
  • Use it as a garnish for scrambled eggs.


Use chopped fresh chervil in egg dishes, primarily as a garnish. Sprinkle it on top of an omelet, scrambled eggs, frittata, fried eggs, or poached eggs as a tasty garnish.

Eggs and Herbs

Many different herbs will enhance the flavors of your egg dish. Experiment with the above combinations, or try some of your own to make your eggs more flavorful.

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Herbs to Complement Eggs