Frosting Recipes

Article Highlight: Cream Cheese Frosting Recipes

Cream cheese frosting is the quintessentially versatile frosting of the baking world. It lends a rich, creamy, and tangy taste to densely baked goods like carrot cake or pumpkin bread. However, by substituting… Keep reading »

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Frosting Recipes

A decadent frosting can be the perfect touch for your homemade cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Explore different recipes to find a frosting that appeals to your tastes and specific baking needs. Once you find a favorite, you will be sure to use it time after time.

Recipes for Frosting

A luscious frosting recipe will add a sweet taste and decorative flair to your favorite desserts. Find fabulous frostings for all your baking creations at LoveToKnow Cooking.

  • Frosting types: A simple vanilla frosting, or icing, is always a hit but you can get creative and try out recipes for buttercream, fondant, and even marshmallow paste. You can also experiment with a frosting that uses your favorite flavor of ice cream as a base.
  • Flavors: Flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and coffee can be incorporated into a basic frosting recipe and will transform an ordinary dessert into something special. Once you master a basic recipe, the variations are limitless.
  • Frosting decorations: Make decorative accents using a royal icing recipe, fondant, or your favorite buttercream.
  • Fillings: Many filling recipes are interchangeable with frosting. Try a coffee or chocolate cream filling between cake layers or as an alternative to traditional frosting.

Creative Uses for Frosting

Frosting is delicious as a dip for cookies or fresh fruit. It can also be spread between sweet crackers to create a sandwich snack or added to an ice cream dessert. The sweet possibilities are endless once you have mastered a reliable recipe.

Frosting Recipes