Fritter Recipes

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With a bit of care, it is easy to make homemade fritters that are a rich and decadent treat, suitable for breakfast, dinner, dessert, or just as a snack. There are a wide variety of fritter recipes to try that are sure to please just about anyone.

Make Basic Fritter Batter

Before you start making fritters, find the right batter that works for your kitchen and taste buds. While the basic recipe doesn't change much, there are a few minor variations from recipe to recipe. Try this basic fritter batter recipe that uses light tasting coconut oil for a refreshing flavor. Mix in your choice of different fillings, from sweet and fruity to meat and savory.

Fruit Fritters

Fruit makes one of the most common fillings for fritters. Dust powdered sugar on any of these sweet-tasting treats for a simple, yet delicious dessert.

Fruit Fritters
  • This apple fritter recipe uses Granny Smith apple rings, which helps to keep the fritters from getting too sweet, while providing a fun and unique fritter shape.
  • These strawberry fritters are dairy-free, using vanilla coconut milk as their base for a rich, creamy-tasting pastry surrounding the chopped berries.
  • Banana fritters are a popular type of fruit fritter. This recipe includes sherry for a more complex flavor.
  • Try a recipe for cherry fritters that enhances the flavor of fresh cherries with rum, which gives the fritters a slightly more savory taste.
  • This recipe for queen fritters uses fruit preserves, rather than fresh fruit at its center, giving it a decidedly more dessert-like texture and flavor.

Vegetable Fritters

Fritters can be savory as well as sweet. These fritters use a variety of different vegetables to form their base.

Vegetable Fritters
  • Use eggplant, squash, carrots, or spinach, among other vegetables as your filling in this vegetable fritter.
  • These corn fritters use grated sweet corn, along with celery, to give the fritters a sweet and sour vegetable filling.
  • A puffball fritter recipe might sound like a dessert; however, it actually uses a puffball mushroom at its center for a savory taste.
  • This recipe for potato fritters uses potatoes sent through a ricer, which gives the fritters a unique texture.

Meat and Cheese Fritters

Fritters can be eaten as a meal, as well as a dessert or side dish. These meat and cheese-based fritters can stand on their own as a main dish.

Meat and Cheese Fritters
  • Use this beef fritter recipe to make the most of any cold roast beef leftovers you may have in the kitchen.
  • This recipe for ham fritters uses cubed boiled ham and bread crumbs for a savory, filling fritter with a unique texture and taste.
  • Crab meat fritters produce deep-fried crab cake-like fritters, perfect for serving with tartar sauce.
  • This recipe for clam fritters uses a full pint of clams to give the fritters a deep, rich flavor and texture.
  • Ground mustard helps give sharp cheddar cheese fritters a tangy flavor.

Variations and Substitutions

Fritters can be endlessly changed and varied according to your tastes. Try a variation or substitution to create your own unique recipe.

  • Substitute vanilla almond milk for dairy in any fruit-based recipe for a sweeter taste.
  • Add just a pinch of sugar to any savory fritter to enhance the flavor.
  • Add some cumin and turmeric to the beef fritters for a Middle Eastern-style taste.
  • Mix cubed potatoes into the clam fritters for a more complex taste and texture.
  • Shred your vegetables in a food processor before adding them to the vegetable fritter to extract more flavor.

Fritter Cooking Tips

Follow these simple guidelines to produce tasty fritters time after time:

  • Ideally, the taste of the fruit or other filling should be the dominate flavor of the fritter, rather than the taste of the batter.
  • Fritters require deep frying, so they should be thoroughly drained before serving to avoid a dish that is too greasy and unappetizing.
  • If the food inside is uncooked, the oil may have been too hot or the coating too thick.
  • If the coating is too thin or uneven, the food may be overcooked or the batter could float off the bits of food.
  • To properly adhere the coating, the fruit or other type of food should be dry before dipping.


Fritters don't have to be confined to a set number of ingredients or spices. Try enhancing any of these fritter recipes with your own variations on filling, spices, or accompaniments. With just a little bit of experimentation, you're sure to come up with your own winning recipe for fritters.

Fritter Recipes