Eggless Cake Recipes & Tips for a Twist on Sweet Treats

Eggfree cakes.

Cakes made without eggs can still be just as tasty and indulgent as eggs made with cakes. The range of options is surprisingly wide.

Many people seek to eat a diet without eggs. This includes vegans who exclude all animal byproducts from their diet, people with allergies or intolerances to eggs and people who opt to avoid eggs for health reasons. Following a diet without eggs needn't be boring and there is no reason why rich egg-free cakes and cookies, brownies and breads cannot be enjoyed. There are a wide range of vegan egg substitutes that can adapt many recipes so that they are suitable for egg-free diets.

Eggless Cake Recipes

Eggs are traditionally used in cakes to bind the ingredients together and to help to produce a light and airy cake. While it is possible to make a cake without eggs, they can end up heavy and more like cookies than cakes. One way to make a light cake without eggs is by using vinegar and baking soda. While this may sound a very strange combination, the vinegar and the baking soda react together. This reaction makes the cake rise and creates a light finish. Only a little vinegar is required and, as long as a white distilled vinegar is used, the taste is indiscernible.

If you are thinking about trying some cakes made without eggs then these are easy to produce at home. There are a wide range of different recipes and ideas on the Internet and this can be a great way to try various types of egg free cakes. Websites that offer eggless cake recipes include:

  • Eggless Cooking - a recipe for a rich chocolate cake. This website has a lot of other useful information about egg free cooking.
  • All Recipes - this is a plain cake recipe that can be adapted. There are other egg free recipes on this website.
  • - nearly 200 recipes for egg free cakes. There are also recipes for dairy free cakes and cakes suitable for a vegan diet.
  • - 38 recipes for egg free cakes. These recipes are rated by users and users can comment. This gives a useful insight into other people's experiences as well as tips for adapting the recipes.

Tips for Serving Cakes Made Without Eggs

Cakes made without eggs can easily be adapted to make beautiful center pieces for a celebration or as a special cake for a birthday or anniversary. Here are some ideas for making your cake that little bit extra special:

  • Add egg free frosting to the cake and pipe a short greeting on the top. This is a good way to personalize the cake.
  • Place fresh fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries on the top of the cake. This will help to make the cake look stunning while also adding some extra flavor.
  • Model small figures or other items out of sugar paste or marzipan. These can help to customize a cake for a holiday or other seasonal feast.
  • Make cupcakes. Most cake recipes can be adapted to make cupcakes. These are very popular and can be dressed up by the addition of some colored frosting or icing.

Egg free baking can be as interesting and varied as traditional baking. Finding new and exciting ways of recreating old favorites and developing new ideas is part of the joy of home egg free baking. A few simple changes are all that is required to create a wide range of delicious egg free dishes.

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Eggless Cake Recipes & Tips for a Twist on Sweet Treats