Egg Sandwich Recipes

Egg Sandwich Recipes

Eggs are a nutritious option any time of the day. If you have eggs in your refrigerator, you're prepared for anything, rain, snow or shine. Even you only have eggs and bread in the cupboard, you can whip up egg sandwiches.

Types of Egg Sandwiches

In addition to being a great option for when you don't have anything else in the house, egg sandwiches can be extremely versatile. They can be eaten hot or cold, made well ahead of time or cooked and eaten immediately. In addition to the many other ways eggs can be prepared, sandwich options include:

  • Boiled and chopped with mayonnaise and other ingredients for egg salad sandwiches
  • Fried or poached and served on an English muffin with Canadian bacon
  • Fried or poached and served on buttered, toasted bread with a sprinkling of Herbs de Provence for a quick and satisfying meal
  • Paired with a variety of other foods such as honey, tomatoes, spinach or corned beef to create a unique and substantial sandwich

A Complete Food

Eggs have long been considered a complete food. While that is a bit of an exaggeration, they certainly do pack a lot of nutritional value in a very small space.

Eggs are a source of significant amounts of protein and are much more economical than protein's most common source: meat. Eggs are also an excellent substitute for meat, except for people who need to limit their cholesterol intake. For most people, an egg dish in lieu of meat two to three times a week is a healthy swap.

Safety Concerns for Egg Recipes

Although rare, salmonella is a risk associated with eating eggs. Today's salmonella infections come from eggs produced by hens infected with the bacteria. Since the bacteria is actually inside the egg, washing or disinfecting it won't solve the problem. Salmonella is destroyed by cooking, so recipes that keep eggs raw are the riskiest - runny-yolk and poached eggs, for example. Weigh the risks before deciding how to prepare eggs.

Delicious Egg Sandwiches

A delicious egg sandwich recipe is something every cook should have on hand. Whether you want something with a little flair, like a Creole sandwich, or a healthy spinach and egg sandwich, they are a great protein source for any sandwich.

Egg Sandwich Recipes