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Article Highlight: Orange Julius Recipe and Variations

The Orange Julius is an iconic beverage that has been served in malls and other locations for decades. Almost a dessert in its own right, you can use this recipe or its flavor variations to make one of these… Keep reading »

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Drinks Recipes

Mixing up smoothies and specialty drinks is a fun way to get your liquid intake up. LoveToKnow Cooking has lots of different drink recipes to choose from that will help you hydrate with flavor.

Specialty Drinks

Whether you're looking for drink recipes for a party or just a great way to start your day, specialty drinks can be a great way to accomplish both. Learn how to make specialty drinks at home like:

  • Smoothies: Create tempting smoothies right at home with recipes for basic fruit smoothies, or specific drinks like orange peach or berry banana.
  • Coffee: Coffee doesn't have to be the bitter, black liquid that your coffee maker puts out. Liven up your morning coffee with a variety of coffee recipes to choose from.
  • Tea: If you enjoy the tea drinks you can get at your local coffee shops, consider trying some specialty tea recipes, like green chai tea.

Dessert Drinks

Drinks don't have to be for breakfast or a special occasion; sometimes they can be about finishing a meal or just having a treat. Try one of these delicious dessert drink recipes, including:

  • Milk shakes: Go beyond your standard vanilla shake and try out recipes for milk shakes like chocolate caramel.
  • Eggnog: Eggnog is the ultimate holiday party drink, but it can also be served as a delicious dessert drink. Try out some different eggnog recipes to find the one you like best.
  • Sherbert: Sherbert is not just something you can eat like ice cream. Let LoveToKnow Cooking show you how to make a delicious lime sherbert dessert drink.

Start Mixing

With all the different drink recipes you have to choose from, your biggest challenge is going to be figuring out which one to try first. Check out the many recipes LoveToKnow Cooking has to offer and start mixing up some flavor.

Drinks Recipes