Croquette Recipes

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Croquettes may not be as popular as they were several decades ago, but these baked or fried portions of potatoes rolled in bread crumbs are still as delicious as they ever were. Try both of these recipes and… Keep reading »
Croquette Recipes

What Are Croquettes?

Croquettes are fried food item that can be bite-sized, or the size of a small apple, or even patty-shaped for putting on a bun. Croquette recipes usually utilize a mixture of ingredients, such as chopped meat with breadcrumbs along with seasonings and binders like flour or egg; the mixture is deep- or pan-fried to make the finished croquette.

These tasty morsels can be served as fingerfood with a dipping sauce, as an entree like an individual meatloaf topped with a sauce or gravy, as a sandwich filling, or even a dessert.

While croquettes are often thought of as a rather fancy food, they are also a great way to revitalize leftovers. If you're on the third day of turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving, turkey croquettes may quell the rebellion of your fowl-tired crew.

What Can be Croquette-ized?

Almost any fish, meat or vegetable can be created as a crunchy croquette. Croquette recipes are also a good way to 'extend' meat - if you only have enough for four and are suddenly called upon to serve six, you can stretch out the entree by turning your meat dish into croquettes.

Fillers can be bread, flour, rice, cooked potato... anything that will add bulk to the mix, and absorb and retain the flavors.

But What About the Fat?

If you are limiting your consumption of fats, you may find the deep-frying a sticking point. If so, try modifying your favorite recipe by baking . You will never be able to get as crispy a finish as with frying, but if you use egg as part of the binder, you will be able to achieve a crust at least. Try it - you may like the baked croquettes better than the fried ones.

Croquette Recipes