Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes

Article Highlight: Crock Pot vs. Pressure Cooker

A Crock-Pot® (or slow cooker) cooks food slowly while a pressure cooker cooks food quickly. A pressure cooker is 70 percent faster than when you're cooking your food on the stovetop. Keep reading »

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Using a slow cooker is one of the best and easiest options for preparing stress-free meals. If you find it difficult to set aside time to prepare dinner at the end of the day, you can really benefit from adding a few slow cooker recipes to your collection of go-to dishes. Spend a few minutes putting together the evening's meal first thing in the morning, turn on the appliance and forget about it until you're ready to sit down and enjoy a warm, home cooked meal in the evening hours.

Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes

The slow cooker recipes that you'll find on LoveToKnow's Cooking channel are designed with the needs - and tastes - of busy, modern families in mind. A few of the tasty dishes that you'll learn how to prepare include:

  • Yummy chicken dishes: Learn how to make tasty barbecue chicken and curry chicken in your Crock Pot.
  • Marvelous meat entrées: Make easy work of short rib preparation with your slow cooker.
  • Wonderful one dish meals: Get easy instructions for fix-it-and-forget-it stuffed cabbage.
  • Savory sides: Find out easy ways to prepare your favorite side dishes from ratatouille to stuffing.
  • Delightful desserts: Rice pudding is comforting and delicious when prepared in a slow cooker.

Great Recipe Resource

When you're looking for a new recipe idea to try in your slow cooker, let LoveToKnow Cooking be your first resource. The editorial team consists of culinary professionals and skilled home cooks who are always putting together great new dishes and finding new ways for you to make the most of what just might be the most-used small appliance in your kitchen! Stop by whenever you're ready to try a new slow cooker dish. Chances are you'll find easy-to-follow instructions for a simple recipe that's bound to become a favorite in your household!

Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes