Printable Recipe Cards

Click to print and download the recipe cards.
Click to print and download these recipe cards.

Using recipe cards is an easy way to keep track of all your favorite dishes. Small cards take up less room than larger magazine pages or full page print-outs, and having everything stored together allows you to stay organized.

Free Recipe Cards

To use the recipe cards, click on the image or caption of the set you want to open the file. You can edit the PDF yourself for a typed version or leave them blank for handwritten recipes. Once downloaded, you can also save them by clicking on the disk icon.

Use the chef's hat cards above for handing out your own recipes - they have a handy "From the kitchen of" line at the top. The cutting board version below is a nice choice for main dishes and sides, while the cookie and cupcake design is perfect for snacks and desserts.

More Recipe Card Options

Get more recipe cards free at these websites:

  • Love vs. Design has a set of vintage recipe cards with a simple rolling pin design and a set of colorful matching recipe cards with dividers.
  • Sew4Home offers a bright blue and red floral recipe card that has a country feel to the design.
  • Design Eat Repeat has a set of three recipe cards with the words "share me," "make me," and "bake me" on them.
  • Lia Griffith has a simple Christmas recipe card with a chalkboard title and greenery that is perfect for cooks who participate in cookie exchanges or do a lot of holiday baking.
  • Alenka's Printables has four different recipe card designs. One features a chef with checkerboard border, one has wintry penguins, another has a Christmas gingerbread man, and the final design has a heart border. You can choose the size of card you want to print for each design.

Save Your Recipes

By using recipe cards you're able to save everything in a binder or box, making it easy to find favorites. Print the cards off onto cardstock instead of regular paper for a heavy-duty design, and consider laminating them so they hold up over the years against spills.

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Printable Recipe Cards