Cooking Measurement Conversion Chart

Measuring cups

Cooking measurements can be confusing, especially if you're only familiar with one way to measure ingredients. Who wants to use 8 tablespoons in a recipe when 1/2 cup works just the same? That's why a conversion chart for common cooking measurements is an invaluable tool when you're in the kitchen.

U.S. Dry and Liquid Conversions

Find the measurement you need converted and view its measurement equivalent on the first page of the PDF. The top section of the chart converts U.S. measurements to smaller U.S. measurement equivalents for dry ingredients, such as flour and sugar. The second section comes in handy when you need to convert liquid measurements -- like water, milk, and oil.

Metric Conversions

You'll be relieved to know that this chart also provides U.S. to metric conversions (page 2 in the PDF) and metric to U.S. conversions (page 3 in the PDF) for times you're stumped trying to convert these on your own. Simply find the measurement you need converted from the left column, and locate its equivalent on the right side of the chart.

Handy Kitchen Helper

Familiarize yourself with this conversion chart before your next endeavor in the kitchen. Better yet print it off, laminate it, and keep it in a handy spot for long term use.

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Cooking Measurement Conversion Chart