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15 Pinterest-Approved Recipes & Cooking Tips

Pin Your Way Ahead

How often do you tell yourself that you would be more adventurous in the kitchen if only it was easier to learn how to do new things? Look no further, brave reader! Your wishful days are about to turn into your days of doing it with these useful and easy how-to cooking Pins.

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Go-To Low Carb Diet

This printout includes five simple and calorie-reducing, carb-busting recipes each of breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- allowing you the joy of a tasty meal without the guilt of heavy, fattening foods!

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Simple Stuffing

Do you want to be the one to show off your holiday cooking chops? This pin presents a low-hassle recipe for stuffing alongside flavoring tips. You're guaranteed to wow the family with the best side dish served at their table.

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Delicious Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Learn to make a healthy and hunger-curbing snack! Pin this for the basics on roasting pumpkin seeds and read about eight tips to flavor them.

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Chocolate to Die For

Want to do more with your chocolate than eat it? Learn to make beautiful molded delights and delicately decadent truffles. How can you you resist making chocolate even better than it already is?

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Cool Lemony Cookies

Do you know how to turn store bought cake mix into magical lemon cookies? Be the belle of the baking ball with this super quick and easy recipe that includes lemon cake mix and cool whip.

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The Bland Diet

In case you've been enjoying the other recipes in this post a bit too much, we suggest this handy how-to on bland, or soft, diets. Learn what foods to avoid so you can give your insides a break!

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Quick N' Easy Breakfasts

Breakfast is famously known as the most important meal of the day. This pin shows you how to cook four, easy-to-throw-together reasons to never skip breakfast again.

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Stuffed Mushrooms

Hey all you fun-gis (and gals), here's a pin made for mushroom lovers just like you! Featuring alternatives for both carnivores and veggie fans, these recipes even teach you how to properly clean mushrooms.

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French Cuisine Made Simple

Get a leg up on Julia Child! Turn yourself and your friends into French gourmands after preparing recipes like snail-stuffed mushrooms, winter cassoulet, or the classic ratatouille.

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Green Smoothie

Healthy smoothies come in every shade of green! Learn 10 delicious recipes featuring avocado, bananas, and all of your leafy favorites.

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Feed Your Teens Right!

Stumped on how to give your growing teens the energy they need without stuffing them with junk food? From sweet and salty morsels for school studies to high protein-packed punches for the athletically inclined, this short list of healthful snack options will keep your pantry full of satisfying nibbles.

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Slash Your Dinner Budget

Mastery over the kitchen sometimes means mastery over your cooking budget. Here are several cheap and cheerful recipes that will help cut down your grocery bill without cutting out flavor during dinner.

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Buff Up Your Breakfast

Check out these protein bar recipes for an easy-to-make and easy-to-pack snack on the run or to the gym. Recipes include vegan cranberry bars, low-carb nut bars, and indulgent chocolate peanut butter bars.

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Chocolate From Scratch

Have you tasted every variety of chocolate from the bitterest dark to the creamiest white, but still want more? Level up your cacao fandom by making your own! Not only will this pin teach you about the ideal beans to make certain milk or dark chocolate, it also covers enrobing and creating handmade truffles. Yum!

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The Trick to Eating Brie

Puzzled on how to serve some of the softer cheeses? This pin will help you master brie plating for a classy wine and cheese tasting. You'll also learn how to dress up your brie by baking it or by pairing it in other dishes.

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With these cooking tips you're on your way to becoming a connoisseur of culinary fineries. Bon appetit!

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15 Pinterest-Approved Recipes & Cooking Tips