Cereal Recipes

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Oatmeal Porridge With Berries In Hands

When you think of cereal, those brightly colored boxes with their lovable illustrations might come to mind. However, cereal doesn't need to be bought at the supermarket. You can make granola, oatmeal and multigrain cereals or snacks from the comfort of your own home.

Creating Your Own Cereal

Looking at the back of a cereal box, you might be contemplating what the mono-what's-its and glyo-thing-a-m'bobs mean. Cereal doesn't really need to be all that complex. There are many cereal recipes that can be made right at home without tripotassium phosphate. These recipes can work great for both hot and cold dishes.


Oatmeal is one of those grains that slides down easy. It cooks great from the stovetop to the oven to the slow cooker. Oatmeal can be endlessly flavored with additions like fruit, nuts, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar or purees. Creating the perfect bowl of oatmeal can be a form of art for many. While gruel might not sound appealing, an oatmeal gruel recipe is truly scrumptious and not to mention, healthy!


Make your own homemade granola and include any flavorings you like. Oats may form the basis for this breakfast staple, but with additions of dried fruit, nuts and seeds as well as vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon, no two bowls need ever be alike. Plus, granola can be made into a healthy bar.

Multi-Grain Hot Cereals

While oatmeal frequently gets all the glory, you can make a hot cereal out of many grains including barley, wheat berries, rice and even quinoa. Adding a pinch of honey, sugar or even brown sugar can give it a little sweetness for those sweet tooth's out there. However, if you are more about nutrition, add a bit of strawberry, blueberry or even blackberries. If in doubt, sprinkling anything berry is the way to go.

Recipes Using Cereal

Cereal isn't just for breakfast. With the right recipe, it can make a great party snack. Give your tastebuds a little treat by trying out tasty party mix recipes. Chex mix move out of the way because these tantalizing treats will definitely become your new fav. It doesn't just end with party mix either, add a little snap, crackle, pop to your life with easy to assemble crispy rice treats. It couldn't be any simpler when all you need is butter, marshmallows and crispy rice cereal. You can even get a little wild and add some colorful crispies or even sprinkles.

Endless Flavor Opportunities

Start thinking of cereal as something more than a cold, quick breakfast and more as something traditional, comforting, or fun that you can introduce to your family. Whether you make your own cereal, or you use cereal as an ingredient in another dish, the options are endless.

Cereal Recipes