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Crystallized fruit and fruit peels are beautiful garnishes for many recipes, and they are delicious too. These sparkling treats can be expensive to purchase, but you can make them yourself. Keep reading »

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Candy sure is dandy, but can you make your own with simple candy recipes? The first packaged candies (chocolates, of course) showed up around the mid 1800s, but candy has been around a lot longer than that. In fact, the first recorded candy recipes came from the Egyptians about 3500 B.C., but some historians have found evidence that prehistoric man ate honey straight from the beehive, which could have evolved into the first candy. Honey was the sweet base for most of these early treats that were popular all over the world.

Funny thing is, candy really isn't difficult to make, it just might seem that way at first. If you try a batch or two, you'll see what I mean! In fact, peanut or other nut brittle or caramel corn might just become a holiday staple for family and friends once you discover how quick and easy they are to whip up.

Today, candy recipes encompass everything from chocolate to caramel and back again. Try one of these recipes and see just how easy it is to create your own homemade treats. Your sweet tooth has never had it so good!

The Tools for Candy Recipes

Before you try your candy recipe, you'll need a good candy thermometer to get the best results from your homemade sweets. That will ensure your mixture reaches the proper temperature that you'll need in your candy recipes. Also, make sure you use a good, heavy pan that is large enough to hold the sugar and allow it to boil without boiling over. The sugar is very flammable, so boil-overs are not a good thing! Follow the directions, and your candy should come out perfectly just about every time!


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