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Article Highlight: Vegan Breakfast Burrito Recipes (Black Bean or Tofu)

Choosing a vegan burrito recipe for breakfast is a perfect way to get your day started off right. Choose several plant-based main ingredients (such as proteins, veggies, and tortillas) and add new ones as you go. Keep reading »

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Yummy Breakfast Casseroles
Yummy Breakfast Casseroles

So you think you don't need breakfast recipes because you don't have time for a real sit-down breakfast anymore? Think again! Many of these breakfast recipes are quick, make-ahead foods you can prepare the night before and grab on the go the next morning. Others are better for a leisurely weekend breakfast or brunch.

Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to be heavier than people who don't. Not only does skipping the first meal of the day add to the nation's obesity crisis, it's simply not a good idea to start the day without vitamins and nutrients.

Another way to enjoy hot breakfast recipes when you're on the run is to invest in a bread maker. You can add your ingredients the night before (except perishables such as eggs) and program it to come on in the early morning. You'll wake up to the smell of warm baked bread and breakfast will be ready!

There are also many slow cooker breakfast casserole recipes that you can make the night before, let cook all night, and wake up to in the morning. So, you don't have to miss the most important meal of the day, even if you're on a tight schedule!

Some Handy Breakfast Tips

  • For quick, healthy breakfast recipes, use a whole-wheat pita bread half and fill it with non-fat yogurt and fresh fruit. It's easy to eat on the run and healthy, too!
  • Bake low-fat muffins, like apple or blueberry, on Sunday. Then, you'll have a quick meal for each day of the week.
  • Still no time? Keep a bowl of fresh fruit handy and grab an apple, orange, banana, or other fruit on your way out the door.
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