Bread Pudding Recipes

bread pudding recipes

Bread pudding recipes were developed when food was hard to come by and cooks needed to utilize every scrap. Bread pudding was a way to make stale bread taste fine and dandy. It has been around for centuries and there are innumerable ways to jazz it up, including adding fruit, nuts, and even a drop or two of whiskey or other strong liqueur.

In the past, bread pudding recipes tended to be a fairly bland dessert and, in the 19th century (and even before), it was popular as a sickroom staple. In old cookbooks, you'll often find recommendations to create these treats for sick youngsters. It's interesting to note that bread pudding recipes have existed in many cultures, from ancient Egypt to the Middle East and medieval Europe.

Bread Pudding Recipe Tips

-Make your bread pudding sparkle by adding fruit or nuts to the recipe -You can also use half & half or cream instead of milk -Try old doughnuts or sweet rolls in place of the bread, but you may want to reduce the sugar amount at the same time -Bread pudding recipes can be made with just about any type of bread - wheat, French, or sourdough -If you want a gourmet bread pudding, try using egg bread, brioche, or another gourmet or specialty bread.

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Bread Pudding Recipes