Biscuit Recipes

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Biscuits are a great addition to any meal. A lot of people believe that nothing beats the flaky, flavorful deliciousness of warm biscuits fresh from the oven. They are delicious, but it's also possible to reheat… Keep reading »
Fresh buttermilk biscuits with country ham on plates

Biscuits can be made into many other recipes. All you need is a basic simple recipe for great biscuits. The other ingredient needed is your imagination.

Start With Great Biscuit Recipes

The two basic biscuit recipes include the simple plain biscuit and the buttermilk biscuit. Before you set planning your biscuit creation, decide on the biscuit taste you're going for.

Many Delicious Versions for Plain Biscuits

There many ways you can enhance or even change a plain biscuit. You don't have to alter the basic recipe, just add a few things to it.

Toppings for Biscuits

If you're into making things yourself or if you prefer to buy from a grocery store, you can enjoy savory biscuit culinary morsels. Some of the toppings you can use besides gravy and jam, include honey, pancake syrup and ice cream toppings, such as pineapple or chocolate syrup. Give your biscuits a cinnamon flavor and drizzle with a vanilla glaze.

Biscuit Fillings

You can add sweet fillings by slicing the biscuit horizontally into two slices or use a pastry bag and long slender pastry tip to fill the biscuits the same way you would an éclair: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, or other filling flavors. Any type of filling that pleases your taste buds can be used.

Biscuit Sandwich

Another delightful treat using a plain biscuit is to use it instead of loaf bread slices. A biscuit sandwich takes up where the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit leaves off. Beyond adding a sausage round or country ham, spread pimento cheese on each half for an amazing afternoon snack. Luncheon meats and sliced cheeses transform leftover breakfast biscuits into lunchtime sandwiches.

Soup and Biscuits

You can substitute a biscuit for saltine crackers or croutons that you add to your favorite soup. Crumbled biscuits added to a soup are best when eaten immediately. Top with grated cheese for a scrumptious change for lunch.

Before You Bake, Add Something Extra

You can make a plain biscuit extra special by adding a few other tastes to the batter. This can include breakfast meats, such as crumbled sausage, shredded cheese or a different taste of chopped garlic and onion with shredded cheese (be sure to butter up before serving). If you want a sweet taste, add chocolate chips or butterscotch chips to the biscuit batter and bake as usual.

Leftover Biscuits

You can slice leftover biscuits and place in a toaster for crunchy discs of sheer delight. Break up into crouton pieces for a salad addition. Need a topping for a casserole? Once your casserole is baked, crumble up biscuits with shredded cheese, turn your oven onto broil and place the casserole back in for five minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Biscuit Substitute for Casserole Pie Crust

A casserole, such as a stew beef or chicken pot pie is a great candidate for a biscuit crust. Cut the biscuit dough with a biscuit cutter and place the rounds on top of the casserole. Bake according to the casserole recipe.

Fruit Pie Filling and Biscuits

You can spoon pie filling onto biscuits for mini desserts. Small diced apples for a resized apple pie filling can transform biscuits into an afternoon dessert break. Use individual bowls, slice the biscuit and place in a bowl, pour apple pie filling over the biscuit. Substitute the apple pie filling with your favorite fruit pie filling.

Amazing Biscuit Recipes

There are endless possibilities for one simple biscuit recipe when you change the way you serve it. Your family will appreciate your creativity and devour these delicious versions of the ordinary biscuit.

Biscuit Recipes