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How Long Do You Grill Hamburgers?

How Long Do You Grill Hamburgers?

The length of time it will take you to grill hamburgers depends on a variety of factors, including burger thickness, doneness desired, and whether or not your burgers are fresh or frozen. But, having an idea… Keep reading »

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Mother and daughter having fun and preparing barbecue at backyard

Barbecue recipes are synonymous with summer, hamburgers and hot dogs, and warm nights spent on the patio or deck. Bust out that coveted grill and get ready to prepare the best meats, veggies and sauces around.

Getting Your Fill of Meat Recipes

You can't say grilling without meat. From chicken to seafood and even leg of lamb, grilled meat is good eatin.' Get grilling recipes to make your grilled spread the talk of the neighborhood.

Savory Chicken

The tantalizing taste of a perfectly Bbq'd chicken can't be topped. To make sure that you win over your family, explore this fantastic BBQ chicken recipe. BBQ sauce not your thing, but you can still make mouth-watering grilled chicken recipes without it. You can even get tips for chicken on the grill.

Mouth Watering Beef

A summertime picnic wouldn't be the same without a grilled hamburger or a juicy steak. Find out the perfect timing to make sure your burger is scrumptious along with tips to make the perfect burger. Is your mouth watering yet?

Succulent Pork

Top off your meat grilling game by producing the perfect pulled pork sandwich or country rack of ribs. Not only will you get a complete ingredients list, but the recipe will be broken down into simple steps. Get your tongs ready!

Roasting Veggies to Perfection

Meat is a big part of a prefect grilled meal, but it needs a little something to make the meal complete. Bring on the veggies. From baked potatoes to grill asparagus and shish kabobs, grilled veggies are a simple, yet delicious show stopper.

Creating Sauces and Rubs

There is grilled meat and then there is deliciously delectable grilled meat. What usually adds that delicious and delectable taste is the sauce. Because the secret is always in the sauce. Get recipes for barbeque spice rubs and orange chipotle barbeque sauce. Having the right mix of sweet and sour can add a little pep to your meal.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Grilling is an art form. Without expert tips and knowhow, your sauteed steak can turn into charbroiled cardboard. To take your grilling game to the next level, get tips for cooking with a gas grill or charcoal grill. You can also get recipes that are perfect for tailgating. And just when you think you know everything about grilling, find out foods you didn't know you could grill.

Get Grillin'

While the southern United States may be the origin of barbecue, just about every area of the country puts their own spin on barbecue - from sauces to rubs, and ribs, steak, chicken, or seafood. Just about everybody barbeques at one time or another; make sure you hold the title as the grill master by upping your recipe repertoire.

Barbecue Recipes