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Barbecue recipes are synonymous with summer, hamburgers and hot dogs, and warm nights spent on the patio or deck. There are several different theories where the word "barbecue" came from but most food experts agree it's a derivative of the West Indian word "barbacoa," which means to cook slowly over hot coals or embers. Wherever the word came from, the popularity of barbecue is undeniable.

The southern United States may be the origin of barbecue in this country and it remains wildly popular there today. However, just about every area of the country puts their own spin on barbecue - from sauces to rubs, and ribs, steak, chicken, or seafood, just about everybody barbeques at one time or another, especially in the summertime. What would the 4th of July be without a backyard barbecue?

Are They Grilling or Barbecue Recipes?

Some people refer to these two types of cooking interchangeably, but that's not correct. In food and cooking terms, barbecue is to cook over low temperatures for long periods of time, often with wood chips or charcoal to lend a smoky taste to the meat. Grilling, on the other hand, is cooking over high heat quickly in order to sear or char the meat. So, when you buy a barbecue grill, you're really buying an oxymoron!

Whatever you choose, barbecue or grill, rub or sauce, steak or chicken, you'll be assured of a tasty meal that's popular all over the country. What are you waiting for? Get out there and try some barbecue recipes tonight!

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