7 Pantry Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Got a disorganized pantry? Then you know how unforgiving it can be! It's like, what will topple out of this cupboard of chaos this time? A cereal box splattering its contents all over the floor? Or a bag of flour creating a winter wonderland? There must be a way to end the madness.

1. Sync Your Pantry to an Inventory App

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We've all been there. You're whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, you head to the pantry to grab some olive oil, and your heart drops. "Dang it! I forgot to buy olive oil!" And there you are, sans oil, with your marinated chicken ready to get sizzling, but you can't do a blasted thing.

This might be a sticky situation, but there's a sensible solution.

By downloading an inventory app like Out of Milk, users can keep track of what's in their pantry by scanning the bar code of their food items, which will be added to the app's "pantry list." Users can also tap "low" for items that are nearly empty. That way, when it's time to head to the supermarket, you'll know which pantry items you'll need to add to the app's "shopping list." Grocery shopping will be a breeze!

2. Mount Useful Info on Your Pantry Door

So instead of navigating through your phone with dough-covered fingers while you Google how many pints make a quart, how about posting common measurement information on the pantry door for your convenience?

Try placing a decal that displays commonly used measurements that can help guide you while you're cooking up a masterpiece.

If you want more versatility, you can create a chalkboard space on your pantry door by using chalkboard paint. Oh yeah, you read correctly - you can actually paint a chalkboard on your pantry door.

How to Paint a Chalkboard on Your Pantry Door

  1. Get chalkboard paint.
  2. Paint it evenly on your desired surface.
  3. Wait three long days as per the directions.
  4. "Season the chalkboard," as DIY enthusiast Shanya puts it, by rubbing the area with a coat of chalk.
  5. Once you've covered it with chalk, erase it.
  6. It's all ready for you to use! Feel free to write notes, recipes, or whatever else floats your boat.

3. Use Lazy Susans for Awkward Corners

Lazy susan

So you know those awkward corners some of us have in our pantries? That weird area where you sort of reach aimlessly into the abyss and hope you end up with the creamed corn in your hand?

The best way to rectify this issue is by sticking a Lazy Susan in there. A Lazy Susan is a rotating platform that helps you spin out-of-reach items to the front for easy access. We have no idea who Susan is or why she's lazy, but we appreciate her helping us with our pantry woes nonetheless!

4. Put Plastic Wrap and Foil on Adhesive Hooks

Why bother rummaging for plastic wrap and aluminum foil when you can hang it up for your convenience? A Real Housewife suggests mounting two plastic hooks 10 5/8ths inches apart on the wall and wedging the foil and/or plastic wrap between them. Voila! Foil and Saran Wrap at your service.

5. Use Hanging Magnetic Mason Jars

What do you mean you don't have hanging magnetic mason jars? Where have you been? Extremely valuable space is going to waste! Gift yourself more storage space by utilizing the areas underneath your pantry shelves. You can magnetically hang up light items such as dried fruit or cookies. Seriously, how cool is that?

How to Install Hanging Magnetic Mason Jars

  1. Use rubber cement to attach magnet on top of mason jar.
  2. Allow to dry overnight.
  3. Place mounting tape along the length of your bracket.
  4. Mount bracket underneath desired surface.
  5. Hang those magnetic mason jars and you're good to go!

6. Use CD Racks for Tupperware Storage

CD Holder

CDs are practically ancient history at this point, but if you're still hoarding a wire CD rack for some reason, it's time to wipe the dust off of that relic and put it to good use! Organize your lids by placing them in wire CD racks.

You'll never have to go nuts searching for those pesky little Tupperware lids while wondering if they grew legs and somehow managed to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night.

7. Vintage Stamp Holder for Your Spices

Ranger Inkssentials Craft Spinner
Ranger Inkssentials Craft Spinner

We're sure you have a vintage stamp holder lying around somewhere (kidding!). But if for some wild reason you don't, Amazon's got your covered. You can use one of these, according to HGTV, to store your spices. You no longer need to shuffle through oregano and thyme to finally reach that darned cayenne pepper. Just spin it around and grab what you need.

Follow these tips and tricks and your pantry will be immaculate. But remember, maintenance is key. It's not the way you clean it, it's the way you keep it! Now that we've got the pantry sorted, who's ready to move on to the closet?

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7 Pantry Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier