Taffy Recipes

how to make taffy recipes

What is Taffy?

Taffy recipes are a vintage soft toffee typically made with corn syrup, butter, sugar or brown sugar, and a variety of flavorings. The most popular variety is salt water taffy, which is believed to have originated in Atlantic City in the mid-1880s after a severe storm flooded local candy stores. Taffy has been around for well over a century and today it is a staple summer sweet at picnics, resorts, amusement parks, and in innumerable homes throughout the country, though it is particularly popular along the eastern seaboard.

The Trick to Taffy Recipes

Making taffy can be an exercise in patience. When first combined, the ingredients of your taffy recipes are incredibly sticky and after cooling must be continually pulled and worked to incorporate air into the mixture and create the characteristic smooth texture. To create delicious homemade taffy, try these simple tips:

  • Watch the candy's temperature carefully with a reliable thermometer - lower temperatures create chewy candy, while higher temperatures create brittle candy.
  • Use the recommended size of saucepan to prevent accidental scorching or undercooking.
  • Heat, humidity, and altitude can affect the candy - cool, dry days are best for making taffy.
  • Experiment with unique flavorings and try your own combinations of compatible fruit and candy flavors.
  • Cut finished taffy with generously greased scissors (butter or shortening) to prevent making a sticky mess.
  • Store your taffy recipes in a dry, airtight container: moisture will make the candy stickier.
  • Children love to help pull taffy - enlist their assistance to create a fun family tradition.

Whether you prefer classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and orange or your tastes are more exotic and you enjoy root beer, strawberry, banana, and coconut, making your own taffy is sure to be a sweet experience.

Taffy Recipes