Pancake Ideas

Fruit and Pancake Ideas

Pancakes are a beloved breakfast dish, but the basic pancake recipe can get boring fast. Luckily, there are many ways to dress up your hotcakes. Here are some of our favorite pancake ideas.

Stuffed pancakes with strawberry sauce, powdered sugar, and mint.

Chopped blueberries may be added to the batter or simply placed on top of the cooked pancakes. Powdered sugar is always a sweet touch.

Top with chopped nuts and bananas

Filled Pancakes

Roll pancakes and fill with nuts, fruit, cream cheese, or even meat.

Experiment with Batter

Who says pancakes must have a flour base? These pancakes are made of zucchini.

Experiment with Batter

Potato pancakes

Experiment with Shapes

Kids love pancakes in fun shapes. Make faces out of whipped cream and fruit. Cut pancakes into hearts, clouds, or moons, or pour your batter into animal shapes.

Experiment With Shapes

Stars are also fun and easy shapes

Go Wild With Toppings

For a decadent treat, top pancakes with marshmallow cream and fudge.

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Pancake Ideas